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Lms for:
[] I look up to you!
[] you’re pretty.
[] you’re funny.
[] you’re adorable.
[] you’re cute.
[] you make me smile.
[] I love you.
[] I miss you.
[] we need to hangout.
[] we need to talk more.
[] I would hug you.
[] I would date you.
[] Text Me Or Call Me
[] Give me your number
[] You need to make this your status

5 likes♥ LMS
Full name:
Something I love:
Last person I inboxed:
Someone I tell everything to:
Last time I cried:
Who I cried in front of:
Someone I dislike:
Best Friends:
5 girls I trust:
5 boys I trust:
Current mood:
Who is always there for me:
One wish:

Lms For (:
Name in my phone;
Who you are to me;
One Word That describes you;
What i like about you;
How close we are 1-10;
Do I trust you;
How did we meet;
If I saw you I would;
We should;

Lms Based On Your Looks!
♥ Smoker
♥ Virgin
♥ Single Or Taken
♥ Player
♥ Age
♥ Drinker

♥ Bad Or Nice
♥ Would I Date You

Lms for
Are you cute -
Are you nice
First I was like-
Then I was like-
Now i'm like-
Best feature-
We should -

LMS for a:
{} I ♥ Your lips
{} I ♥ Your body
{} I ♥ Your eyes
{} I ♥ Your smile
{} I love you ♥
{} I Miss youu </3
{} I Wanna Fight !
{} I Usee To likee you ♥
{} Your attractive ;D
{} Your beautiful/cute
{} We Should Chill !
{} Text me : )
{} Lettts try again ;)
{} I can see us together ♥_♥
{} You mean something to me ♥
{} Your a Stranger !
{} I Dare Youu to Make This Your Status

LMS for a team
[]#Team Big Booty (;
[]#Team Babe ♥
[]#Team Crush ^.^
[]#Team I Love You (:
[]#Team I Miss you v.v

LMS Baby!
1. Your Cute
2. Let's be friends
3. I love you
4. I like you
5. Lets be friends
6. I wanna cuddle
7. I miss you
8. Let's chill
9. I want a second chance
10. I don't like you
11. Stranger
12. GTFO 13.Idk

Lms For :)
•F -Fake or Real :
• A -Approved or Declined :
• C -Cute or Ugly :
• E -Ex or Future :
• B -Best Feature :
• O -One Word :
• O -One Day We Should :
• K -Kiss or Diss.

LMS for a Teamm ;)
[] Team SWAGG
[] Team UGLY
[] Team Ex
[] Team Yea Buddie :P
[] Team I ♥ You
[] Team Cuff-able:]
[] Team I Miss You
[] Team Cute
[] Team Stranger
[] Team Friends
[] Team I Want You XD
[] Team Liar
[] Team COLD AF !
[] Team I Hate You
[] Team Inbox Me Your #
[] Team Idk
[] Team Loud Mouth
[] Team Your On My Nerves
[] Team You Suck
[] Team We Should Talk More
[] Team Crazy
[] Team YourSelf
[]Team Make This Your Status


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