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Lets play 21 questions :) LIKE
•How old do you look:
•Would I text you:
•Are we close:
•The name I call you:
•Are you worth my time:
•Would I talk to you:
•Would I hug or kiss you:
•Do I ? you:
•What are we:
•Do I like your profile picture:
•Do I trust you:
•Are you my type:
•Would I care if I lost you:
•Have you ever made me laugh or smile:
•Have you ever made me mad:
•Name in my phone(if I had it):
•Would I marry you on FB:
•Should you put this as your status:

LMS for.... ? .
If you died:
If you tripped on a rock:
If you kissed me:
If you lived next door:
If I woke up next to you:
If you cried:
Do I like your profile picture:
What i remember about meeting you:
Do I want you to talk to you more:

LMS for:
If we lived together:
[] Argue all the time.
[] Sex sex sex.
[] Eat ice cream.
[] Watch movies.
[] Prank call.
[] Text you even though you were right across the room.
[] Chat.
[] Play fight.
[] Cuddle.
[] Kiss.
[] Throw a party.
[] Make out.
[] Whatever you want.
[] I wouldn't want to live with you.

If we kissed by accident I would?
[] Bite your lip softly.
[] Kiss you back.
[] Slap you.
[] Laugh about it.
[] Stare at you wondering if I should kiss you again?
[] It wouldn't happen.

If you held my hand I would?
[] Lock my fingers between yours.
[] Stand there like WTF are you doing?
[] Let you keep it.
[] Pull away.
[] I don't know.
[] I'd hit you with your own hand.

If you hugged me I would?
[] Hug you back
[] Push you away.
[] I'd be shocked.
[] I wouldn't hug you.
[] Stand there.

Would I date you?
[] Maybe.
[] Naw.
[] I don't know.
[] Nah we're basically brothers/sisters.
[] Already have.
[] Nope.

If we walked home I’d:
[] Hold your hand.
[] Push you in a bush.
[] Trip you and run.
[] Give you a BIG HUG!
[] Have heart to heart conversations
[] Just keep walking.

If I saw you naked?
[] Woah o////o;;;
[] I..uhm.. o.o
[] Walk out the room slowly o;
[] Stare ;)
[] Erhm..lalala..nuh.

If we took a pic together it would be
[] Hugging eachother
[] Just chilling
[] Holding hands :D
[] Kissing ;D
[] Acting like complete idiots ^.^
[] Normal picture
[] Holding you from the back (:

You are?
[] Cute (;
[] A super-duper cutieeeee :'3
[] Adorable (:
[] Eh..you're okie.. :l
[] Amazing

You + me + room = ?
[] watch movies
[] cuddle ?
[] hangout..
[] kiss ;3
[] play games
[] Troloolololololol. You wish. :'3
[] Get.In.My.Bed. ;DD

LMS And I'll Tell You
On a scale of 1 to 100:
How good i think u look,
How well i like u,
What i would do if u asked me out
What you should do

Lms: 5 likes
1. Relationship Status
2. Jealous Type
3. Girls I Trust
4. Boys I Trust
5. Crush
6. Last Person I Texted
7. Last Person I Hugged
8. Last Person I Kissed
9. Fav. Color

LMS Baby
if we ditched school. where would we go?
[] mcdonald's.
[] the park.
[] the store.
[] taco bell.
[] your house.
[] subway.
[] i would never ditch with you.
[] bus stop.
[] anywhere.
[] i have no idea.

would i go out with you?
[] yeah. i guess.
[] no. sorry.
[] that would ruin our friendship.
[] maybe.
[] cute but no thanks.
[] if i knew you better. maybe.
[] i haven't a clue.
[] i already am [;)]

[] 1-4.
[] 5-7.
[] 8-10.
[] broke my scale.

LMS: True Or False
() True () False ? You Are Cute .
() True () False ? You Are Ugly .
() True () False ? I Would Go Out With You .
() True () False ? You Mean Something To Me .
() True () False ? I Hate You .
() True () False ? I Would Treat You Right If We Were Together
() True () False ? I Have / Had A Crush On You Before .
() True () False ? We Should Chill .
() True () False ? I Miss You : )
() True () False ? I Love You ?
() True () False ? You Should Be Mine .
() True () False ? We are strangers
() True () False ? We Fell Of Track
() True () False ? Make This Your Status So I Can Like It
() True () False ? INBOX ME ASAP

5 Likess? - LMS
1. Relationship Status?
2. First Letter of my crushes name?
3. Am I the jealous type?
4. Last tine I cried?
5. One thing I hate?
6. Who do I miss.?
7. Best friend?
8. Crushing on someone?
9. Addiction?
10. Something I love?
11. Favortie color?
12. Eye color?
13. Height?
14. Do I believe in love?
15 something random:

How we met : -
Name in my phone : -
Who you are to me : -
One Word That describies you : -
What i dislike about you : -
Favorite memory : -
First Impression : -
How close we are out of 10 : -
Do I trust you : -
Do i dare you to put this as your status


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